Whenever I save, SketchUp crashes. Please Help Quickly!

Whenever I try to save my SketchUp project, SketchUp crashes! Someone, please help quickly, as this is due tomorrow. :cold_sweat: :pleading_face:

And I want to thank everyone who helped me with my last problem. :grin:

Which version of SketchUp are you using exactly? Your profile and posting category are contradictory so it’s hard to tell. Where are you saving the file to?

sorry, I am using the free version on the website, and using a mac computer. I don’t know what version in regards to year though.

So you are using SketchUp Free?

Where are you trying to save the file to? Have you tried downloading it to your computer?

If this is the file you showed when you were asking about rectangles last night, maybe it needs a good purging of unused stuff.

If you go to Components, Materials, and Styles and click on the house icon, you can then click on the Purge Unused button. Purge unused components before you purge unused materials.
Screenshot - 1_29_2020 , 7_55_29 PM

Yes, it is, but this is for a school project, and I need specific things. I don’t know how to download it to my computer, and I’m trying to save it onto SketchUp itself. --> Screen Shot 2020-01-29 at 7.56.00 PM

Yes, I am using SketchUp free.

Also, I will try getting rid of unused stuff and stuff I don’t need (Like the flying cat I accidentally put in. :rofl:).

Make sure the flying cat didn’t bring in any kittens, too.

Ok. Thanks for the help. I’ll try to save and see if it works.

Oh my gosh. Thank you SO MUCH! SketchUp Successfully saved without crashing, though it did take a while. I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for all the help on both of my questions :grin:

Happy that helped. I expect the file still had a bunch of unused components from the 3D Warehouse that you tried but decided not to use, including the flying cat. And those components came with their own materials. Those things remain in the file even if deleted from the model space so you need to purge the unused stuff. If you experiment with different styles, those will add to the file size, too, and bloat your file.

Probably still a huge file.

Okie Dokie! Sorry if i’ve been having a lot of trouble. I’m new and I don’t know much. And thanks for being so patient. I really appreciate it. :grin:

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No worries. You have to start somewhere.

Unusual problem. try running the purge/fix error. if that doesn’t work (worst case scenario) I would SELECT ALL>COPY your model ,and paste your model to a new blank drawing.

This is a thread from several months ago and the problem was solved.

There isn’t “the purge/fix error” feature in the web-based version.

You can’t simply copy from one SketchUp for Web session to another like you can in the desktop client versions.

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