SketchUp Crashing on M1 Mac

Crash Report_100422.pdf (149.3 KB)
SketchUp crashes on me everyday now, in the middle of operations. No specific command. I have attached a report in hope that somebody can point me to a particular issue

There is mention in the report of memory shortage. How much RAM does your Mac have, and how much free drive space?

I have 16 megs of ram and 500 gigs of space

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Do you use google drive by any chance?

What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Can you delete the file? I cannot do it from my end

Sorry, I have updated everything on me. I am using a Mac 2021 with M1 Chip, 16 GIGS of Ram, 1T of hard drive space. I use Dropbox for storage of my files.

Are you working on files saved directly to Drop Box? Or are you only synching files that are saved on your internal drive?

I work with the files downloaded locally and synced.

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16 gb seems a lot, but has to be used by the graphics, as well.
Recommended RAM with Enscape is 32 Gb.
That might be the cause?

I will try turning that off and see if I get an improvement

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Now I see what you were referring to. Thanks