Guide : How to "fill in your profile" when Someone asks you to

Hey there. if you’re reading this, someone probably asked you to fill in your profile.
The point of a filled profils is that we other users can quickly help you. a vague profile often results in us asking a wide set of questions.

so here are the steps to follow :

When you’re done, scroll all the way down and save

now, where to find all those informations ?

  • License type. what type of plan did you get ? the Free plan ? a Pro plan ? are you a kid using Sketchup in School ?
    Check your account on if you’re not sure.
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    here. My licence is sketchup pro. just log-in, click on “my products” and read.

  • Version. If you’re using sketchup online in your browser, just type Free.
    If you’re using sketchup pro or studio, type the version you’re using. Is it 2023.1? 2022? 2014?
    (for Ipad, it’s tricky, you guys have updates all the time. we’ll usually assume your ipad is keeping stuff updated)

  • Operating system. Is your machine a PC? if so, windows 10 or 11?
    Is it a Mac? same subquestion, click on the small apple menu top left, “about this mac”, what version is installed? Ventura, sonoma, mountain lion?

  • Graphics card, or GPU. If you don’t know, just open Sketchup, go to the preferences, then graphics (or openGL in older versions). and you’ll see a button to see whant GPU you have. Or check your computer’s info. We don’t need a serial, but the answer will be different if you run a Nvidia 4090 RTX or an Intel Iris 4600 pro.
    On a mac, it’s the same as the CPU. M1, M2, M2 ultra…

Now go fill in your profile as well as you can. and don’t forget, from time to time, to check if it is still correct.


“completing your profile” is a common thing asked to both newcomers and old timers. I’m pretty sure @DaveR mentions it at least once very 5 message. :slight_smile:

Some people won’t bother, some will say they don’t know, some will say they don’t know how.

Here is a guide to “completing your profile”. feel free to link to it whenever you ask someone to do exactly that, and to add ways of finding the infos on PC and mac (like, on a PC, how to find your GPU)


In step 6, don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom and click Save Changes.

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Wil check & update my info a.s.a.p. :innocent:

nice catch, I added a subtle line to the guide :slight_smile: