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Noticed the extra field ‘License type’ in user information of recent new users. This field has two options Make or Pro.
You can update you’re existing profile with the correct info.

Or even better, don’t bother fill in SketchUp version in your profile at all as you will forget to update it anyway when upgrading SU. Instead always mention what SU version, license type and operative system you use whenever it is relevant in a post.

Surely it is easier for everyone if you update your profile once a year rather than having to type it in when you might think it is relevant.
It’s generally far more relevant than people think.
I still wish it was shown on the ‘user card’ so you could quickly refer to it without leaving the thread.

I notice now that they have given a drop down list for operating system which only gives generic choices, windows, mac etc. This needs to be more detailed. Answers can be very different depending on the specifics of the OS.

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I don’t agree at all. It’s easier to write it when it is relevant than remembering to update your profile. Also the same person can very well use different versions on different machines which isn’t supported by the profile.

I can assure you, when it is relevant they won’t write it and we will still have to ask.

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It’s hard enough to get useful information out of people when they have questions about SketchUp without playing 20 questions. It seems most users have no idea what is relevant and what isn’t. Expecting them to put the operating system in their posts is unrealistic. A complete profile with SketchUp, Operating system and graphics card model should be required of anyone signing up as a member before they are allowed to post.


I were going to say, to have drop downs at the start of a thread, that have to be filled in. But then again many don’t know their graphics card details either.

And if they don’t write it you still have to ask anyway because of how often the profile is outdated.

Outdated is better than empty. At least you have a starting point. You have a good guess at OS and graphic card type not to mention if they have been a pro user.

agreed, even an ‘I Dunno Graphics’ will provide more info then an empty field. But I think that topic has been discussed before.
What made me curious are the two options in the license field: Make or Pro. Will there be a difference in the response?
Note: I do support for the largest, award winning distributor in the Benelux (Yes, also the only one) and we provide support on installing SketchUp for our customers. We do receive questions from Makers, though and we do reply, but our intention is to help the Pro customers first and priorly, off course.
I always refer to this forum, which I believed was set up for Make users priorly?

The award


How can it be? No info is better than faulty info because with no info you can always ask. With faulty info you get fooled.

Old unupdated info isn’t faulty, it gives you a guide to what the user may be using.
From your profile I can tell you have been around for quite some time so you should know a thing or two.
I can also tell that you are generally a windows user, so there isn’t much point offering Mac suggestions, unless you specifically ask.
I can tell you use multiple versions so I know that your problem isn’t obviously specific to one version of Win.
From a post that says at the end,
Make, win, AMD
I know very little.

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Thanks for the feedback, all. The information we collect when a new user signs up can be changed and formatted as we see fit, so I appreciate the help in figuring out what’s most useful.

if a Make user is asking for Pro functionality: yep

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and did you see the award?

sure :wink:

Greets to Orlando

will do!

SUPro 2018 may be out, but that’s not an option in the profile menus yet.

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