User Profile: Platform and SketchUp Edition & Version

I wish the User Profile would ask the user for their OS platform, and SketchUp edition ( Make / Pro, ) as well as version.


I was about to post this as a new thread but noticed this one in the popup so I’ll add it here.

Is it possible to add some information that appears easily in posts for relevant details.
It helps when answering questions to be able to see while reading a post what Sketchup Version and Operating system people are using.
There’s no point answering a Mac user with Win information or uploading a model in 2015 for an SU8 user.
Not to mention the various plugin differences and things.

It’s nice to see that you have added this info to the profile, but it is still buried too far down.
It needs to be easily visible when answering a question, without having to leave the thread to go and look at the users profile.
It should show in the popup card you get when you click a persons Av.
I’d much rather know their operating system and SU version than what badges they may or may not have.


I agree, this is a good suggestion. I don’t think it would raise the barrier for the first post too much (or would it??).

But in the case of users who use several platforms (like OS X laptop / Windows desktop etc.) it would require to allow multiple entries, otherwise people tend to leave it empty. And then it would not be clear which of the user’s systems is concerned in a specific post.

It’s the apparent total indifference to these threads that really makes me wonder why I should answer questions on trimbles behalf at my own expense. I use a mobile connection that has significant download costs so every click is another expense for me.

I’d like to see a popup inputbox appear for any poster who tries to post into any of the Technical Issues forums, if they have not filled out the info in their profile.

This would be required for the post to appear in the forum.

Once they fill in the info, it would no longer appear (until reset after the next major release.)

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This currently exists:

There can only be 3 questions, but I am open to changing the ones that exist, which are:

  1. SketchUp and Computer Type/Version
  2. Extensions (Favorite Extension(s)
  3. Industry

But I can add something in the introduction email to new users when they sign up mentioning that they should always include as much detail as possible in their posts. It is just the nature of the beast though.

Perhaps I can see if when you click on a persons name and get their “profile preview” that that information can be included there:


Yes that is needed in the short term.

Hey Box, your post concerns me and I would like to know why you think we are indifferent to this forum, because it is totally not true! I check the forum everyday, multiple times a day like many other team members. It is my baby. SketchUp values this forum and all of our users, from ‘noobs’ to power users alike, and REALLY appreciate people like you who contribute regularly - you are a BIG part of the SketchUp Community.

Sorry you feel that way. If you would like, let’s chat offline - feel free to PM me to continue the conversation.

That being said, you guys should always feel like you can PM me to chat and bring up any questions, concerns or comments. I am here for you and am listening. We have some exciting things in the pipeline for power users like you and I will be reaching out to people individually about this. We want to reward you guys for your hard work and dedication to SketchUp and our growing community here. Trust me, your contributions DO NOT go unnoticed. We want to make sure you feel valued and supported, and that is a big part of my job (and privilege) and why I am here. I do not want to fail you or anyone. So please, feel free to give me detailed feedback as this is a process and we will always be refining.

My slogan: Always assume you are wrong. Which to me means try your best with the information you have, but be open to it being wrong and make sure you get feedback and respond to feedback/issues to refine and change/adapt. Being flexible.


That’s not up to us, but a lovely suggestion! I will bring it up and see what I can do :wink:

Yea, perhaps I should post for a mod over on the Discourse Meta forum ?

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I have already but feel free to add on it here: Profile Preview update - feature - Discourse Meta

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I think the “Industry” should go in the “About Me” box.

My choice being in IT:

  1. SketchUp Make/Pro version (bitness)
  2. Operating System version edition (bitness)
  3. Graphics Card OEM model memory (driver version)

So my example:

  1. SketchUp Pro 2015 (64bit)
  2. Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (64bit)
  3. Intel Series 4 Mobile (v8.15.10.2869)

The fact it took 8 months and a pretty snarky post from me to get a response to this thread.
I remember someone else posting not so long ago that the Meta forum was where posts went to die.

It’s a bit like ordering a beer in a crowded bar, if the barman makes eye contact with you you at least feel like something is happening and you’ll get your drink in time.

Hey Box, I am pretty sure that we responded to the initial suggestion and your follow up post a few months ago, because we have had those questions as an option in the profiles for a while now. Which I did just update again with Dan’s suggestions. All great points and I think will contribute to less confusion and hopefully save some time.

I would have to disagree that Meta is where threads go to die. But please understand, I try my best to read as many posts as I can. Something I like to do as well is let an idea sit, and if people want it enough, it will continue to come up and get traction - then I know there is a real interest. So sometimes, even if I agree, I will wait to see if others feel the same and observe the post content and popularity…etc. That being said, if you feel there is a post that has been neglected or an idea, create some new traction in there, and of course you can always PM me and bring it to my attention that way - or tag me!

To you, what is the equivalent of the barman giving you the eyes? A “like” or “comment?”.


This one has been dying a slow death for some time now. Perhaps the animations some here use are not encouraged? If there’s no discussion, there’s no need for an answer?

Question regarding animated gif


Well, I will make it my goal to resuscitate it! :wink:

I am a newbie-ish SU employee and I was hired in mid-December 14’ so a few of those older posts may have slipped by me. :disappointed:

Thanks for bringing this up!

A comment, depending on the post something like,

That’s an interesting idea, what do others think?
I’m not sure but will look into it and get back to you.
Thanks, we’ve already got that in the pipeline for a future update.

Anything that acknowledges that something is happening, dead silence doesn’t encourage others to add to the discussion it makes them think it’s not worth commenting.

I didn’t want to make a big issue out of it but it just sort of got to me.
Too often posts are “apparently” ignored around here by staff.
I say Apparently because if nothing is seen to be done it appears as if you are being ignored.
Being a Duck, Calm on the surface but padding madly underneath, isn’t the best way in the instance.
A bit of gasping and spluttering and flailing arms never goes astray.

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No worries, this is great feedback and I totally understand - we will do out best. :smile:

I really do wish that I could give you a timeline, but I can’t. As a publicly traded company, Trimble has pretty strict guidelines that prohibit publicly disclosing future product plans.

Thanks Box.

I actually meant that more in relation to Forum update, not SU updates.