Filling in Profile Information


Continuing the discussion from Sketchup Model is Gone…SKB file remains:


In addition, it takes 2 clicks to see the user’s profile info and it navigates you away from the conversation. It would better to have the profile information visible in the pop-over dialog on the first click of someone’s username, or even have a small info dialog when hovering over a username.


Ahh, that old chestnut.
You’ll notice more direct access to user info has been suggested before…


And yet here we are again.


I can’t speak for Mac users, but for PC users, if the second click is a “right-click and choose new tab or new window”, then you still have the conversation.


… which is what I tend to do, because the popover has not been implemented.

At the time that I originally suggested this, I did not know the Discourse Meta existed.
That would be the place to instigate new features.


From what I’ve read over on the Discourse Meta forum, there already exists a way to require answers to specific questions as part of joining a Discourse hosted forum. It wasn’t clear if this could directly feed custom profile fields.

And it seems that the only way to get documentation is to start hosting a Discourse! No independant documentation that I’ve found, only that which is included with the package.