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Given the high percentage of members with incorrect profile information, I suggest that when a new account is created tell the person about the importance of the profile info and explain them how to fill it properly, the most common mistakes are confusing sketchup for schools with education license, confusing free with cracked version, 2023 with operative system, I guess that members joining this year will put 2024, and whatever comes out of the stomach on gpu information. It’s really annoying when people don’t explain well their issue and the info makes no sense at all, Dave has the patience to ask them to correct their profile, I just avoid them, in some cases one can infer the version and OS from their post, Dave still with a lot of patience asks them to correct their profile, I used to do that as well but now I just asume my inferences are correct and type a possible solution.

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many don’t care, don’t give a ■■■■, and won’t read anything. most of them don’t even introduce themselves.

the come in, grab the first thread vaguely about a similar issue, and ask “hey my file is broken, help” then wait. and once they get their answer, they leave.

you can tell them to give a precise profile, because our answer will depend on it, and they’ll manage to arch themselves against it, against providing any info in a meaningful manner, even when given this tutorial

(short of holding their hands, I don’t know what can be done)

yes, that one has been mentioned here a few times, not sure who has an admin role in the forum to add this category.

Hey Francisco, I took the liberty to move your tread to the “meta” section as this is clearly about the forum itself…