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Hi, I will no longer use SketchUp and whilst I have found this forum useful, I do not need this account any more. Does anyone have an idea how I can delete this account. Thank you

When you click the User menu in the top right of the forum, the Discourse forum preferences would normally have a “Delete My Account” button in the Account section. Apparently this is missing from SketchUp’s Discourse forum, maybe due to the single-sign-on setup (linked account over all Trimble products).

You can reach the Trimble account management page from the main page:


Does someone know (@SketchUpTeam) whether this really deletes also the profile on the Discourse forum?

Due to the way Discourse saves data, and to avoid swaths of missing content… you never really delete everything after an account has made a handful of posts (10 I think) but you can have yourself removed. What we end up doing is anonymizing all posts made by that account and all personal data is removed.

If you’re only wishing to remove the forum account just ping me and I can anonymize your account, note that you will not be able to recover it in the future if you wish to come back. You would need to create a new account.