Remove Account?

Does anyone know how to remove an account on this forum software? I can’t find it in the profile settings. I asked (who I think are moderators) via direct message a couple of times and haven’t heard back.

Thank you!

Make a joke they can’t understand

or you could ping a moderator like @colin

It’s your choice as to whether or not to remove your account. I don’t want to get in the way of that. But I have to ask:

Why do you want to remove the account?

I ask because a quite productive conversation I and others had with a particular user got corrupted and incredibly hard to follow because that particular user decide to remove his account, but before he did so, he deleted EVERY comment he ever made while he was active!

I don’t know what caused him to “take his marbles and go away/home”, but it disrupted quite a few good topics!

To I encourage you to NOT do this! I’m not saying to not remove the account, but don’t delete your contributions before doing so. I’m 90% sure the content will remain - anonymized.