How to delete my own thread?


How to delete a thread I started if the topic is proven to be irrelevant?


Ordinarily, you go to the first post, expand the ellipsis () part of the toolbar and click the trash can icon.

I just tried it on one of my recent threads that had a reply, and the tooltip says “you don’t have permission to delete this topic”, so the feature may not be switched on by the admins.


To my understanding, you can’t delete your topics, but you can ask the @SketchUp_Moderator to delete it for you. One time I made a topic that turned out to be a mistake and @SketchUp_Moderator deleted it for me when I asked.

My guess is, since this is a help forum, they want it to be rich in helpful information. Also, people put a lot of effort into replies, but deleting your thread would delete replies too.


Please be advised that the SketchUp Moderator role was officially terminated as of 12.31.2018. Duties previously undertaken by the moderator are now being performed in-house by Trimble staff members.


I’m not allowed to delete my own thread.


as Dan has already elaborated in the first reply.


Yep! I’m not a strong reader and a little slow. :grinning:


Actually, you want to private message @SketchUpCommunityManager



The proper path is actually in that warning message, just flag it. The Discourse platform is intentionally non-destructive when it comes to this stuff and the community is who determines what comes down. The flagging process will actually be the way that the Community Manager is notified.