How to delete my topic i posted?

Hello everyone
Is there a way to delete a topic i have posted when people have replied and my files are on there but i dont want them to be there? Thanks:slight_smile:

I don’t believe you can. You can edit the text but it’ll just ruin the course of the thread. Which thread do you want to remove and why?

I want the one you helped me with because im doing a school project, and people in my class are going to copy it and download the files. Please and thankyou

Well, I can edit mine and remove the file. I can’t do more than that, though.

ok thanks no problem

The OP has only one other topic, but the skp file has been sort of circulated.

@lucadibratto for starter, you can delete the file that you have included on your post.

We do have a “flag” button which you can ask one of SketchUp team member to take a look at.

By the way, did I end up doing your class work for you? You really should have made it clear what this was for.

@josephkim626, I knew that. :wink:

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no you helped me make a curve thanks loll