My post got deleted

My post got deleted because I defended myself against a bunch of bullies; so my response will be to stop receiving files from others made in SKP and I will demand only Revit files and don`t renew my SKP subscription again. SIMPLE!

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The post was taken down because it was mostly forum members going back and forth and it was immediately off topic. There was no clear request for assistance and the suggestions made by forum members were ignored in favor of complaints about how others were using the forum. Thus it was flagged and removed.


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Well done!

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In Harry Nilsson’s Land of the Point “you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear. You dig?”

I read that thread and the only aggression came from the OP. So it is right and proper that it was dealt with stoutly.

Looks like the OP will not be sticking with SU much longer, or presumably this forum, so hopefully it’s game over.


If you want help with a technical problem, you need to explain what problem you are facing. Going on a rant of how bad things are but without specifying what you are actually seeing doesn’t help anyone help you.