Retrieve upgraded license information


Continuing the discussion from SketchUp 2016 is here!:

Heya Colin,

No worries. If you still have your 2014 serial number, just go to and enter your serial number and email address. Then you will see an option to “Resend your license.”


Thanks, unfortunately it says I have a noncommercial license that can’t be upgraded. No offer to send a later license.


I don’t mean to mock you colin. But thought it was funny how you phrased it there :smiley:
In contrary, you usually consume coffee to get yourself up!


I was at the Google TC Summit, in my hotel room on a Skype call with colleagues, and as you say using the coffee to help me get started. I was concentrating more on pulling up a document we were discussing than I was about how I was holding the coffee cup. Ended up with coffee all over my keyboard and bed spread. My Mac seemed mostly ok, but later the track pad button wasn’t working, and the next day the machine wouldn’t power on.


ahh, that sounds like a proper accident that I wouldn’t want on my machine…very unfortunate.
I hope you can getaway caffeine-free with your laptop this time :smiley:


Doh! Sorry about that Colin. I forgot that you have a beta license. I’ll send you a PM with the license details.


The licencse I used is the 2014 license that Brad sent to me after the 2014 beta. I’m not completely certain I was sent a similar email after the 2015 beta, but if I was I can’t find that email.

I originally bought SketchUp a couple of versions before it went to Google, and bought the upgrades as they came along. I think I continued to do that at least until the 2013 version, so I ought to have a lot of registration numbers against my name!


Indeed you do. Haha.

I’ll send you a CSV with a complete list of the licenses.


Can it have a 2016 one at the end?