Sketchup Pro 2015 License issue

HI everyone, maybe you guys can help whilst I wait for the slothlike response from tech support :slight_smile:
Apologies if this has been posted before ( i did search).
Have 2015 pro version installed on OSX. Removed license so it could be installed on another mac later on but never did so came back to same mac and entered the existing serial/license info. It says it is invalid and by clicking add license like some frenzied nutter, you eventually get the Bummer message saying something went wrong. Here you can re-enter the serial number. Standard QA-********-ALR code does not work. Then went online to check validity. Online shows a license that has been changed from the QA-**** to a RA-**** code. But that one says it is invalid as well. We notice that the maintenance and support has expired (understandably) but surely it should still alow the application to work ??

I even tried going in to the /~library/application support/Sketchup2015/ folder and removing any licensing info but it still refuses to play ball.

So any genius ideas out there ?

many thanks

SUP license data is in general version specific, the first letter denotes the release:

U - SketchUp Pro 2019
T - SketchUp Pro 2018
S - SketchUp Pro 2017
R - SketchUp Pro 2016
Q - SketchUp Pro 2015
P - SketchUp Pro 2014
N - SketchUp Pro 2013
M - SketchUp Pro 8
L - SketchUp Pro 7
K - SketchUp Pro 6
J - SketchUp Pro 5

During the maintenance period (1 year; formerly optional 2/3 years) all upgrades to new releases are included for free and the according license data is provided automagically to your registerered email address at availability.

Therefore you are eligible to use your latest license data of version 2016 by downloading from the SU legacy download page, at least in English language:

• SketchUp Help Center : Downloading older versions

Yup! You got yourself a shiny new 2016 license, right there! Just download the 2016 installer linked above and use your QA license to activate.

Also, I can assure you that our support group is far from slothlike. They resolve an amazing number of issues each day. They do, however, prioritize and get back to current maintenance and support members first… Those out of M&S may have to wait a while longer.

Hi Aaron
Apologies if you thought I was being rude, it was merely tongue in cheek and I do realise that priority is given to members with valid support/maintenance licenses.
I will test the 2016 install and apply the QA license and see if that works. Our only caveat is one of the Ray plugins may only work with 2015 but we shall see if that works.
thanks for all the replies

don’t worry, I did not take it as rude. I just know that people have no idea how busy our Knowledge Team is. I saw your post as an opportunity to give them a pat on the back!

Let us know how the install goes!

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