2016 License Issue

Hi All, I have a licensed copy of Sketchup Pro 2016 for work. It was installed on a network user account (AD login). Unfortunately the account has been locked, I have only used my license once so I know I can use it again under my new Mac user account but it is failing all of the time.


That didn’t look like valid licensing info…
check your license info and try entering it again?"

It was purchased from a third party reseller and the support has ended from them, does anyone know how I can get the license to work?

Many Thanks

Are you pasting? From what source? Copying from PDF can fail due to markup signs.

Does the serial start with an R? Each year has it’s own license serial and auhorisation code.

Did you accidentally activate a 2017 version ( If you had purchase in 2016, a 12 month maintenance and support was included, which means you have received the serial and autho for 2017, around the release of 2017 (Dec 2016)

Who actually ownes the license, you or the company were you work?
Was it a network license? How many seats?
If one of them activates a newer version, the older version quit workin after 60 days

Thanks for getting back. Yes the serial starts with RA-****, the company I work for owns the license.

It’s a standard 2 seat license not a network license, my manager has been off sick for 6 months and I am unsure whether he will be returning so all I have is a piece of paper with the serial and response code on, I have checked over and over that I am typing it correctly along with trying multiple times!

I have used a 30 day trial on 2016 to get some work done, which has now expired and defaulted to “Make”.

I am at a total loss as I need to import DWG’s for something I am building, any help would be really appreciated.

FWIW. That is called a classic license. Not a ‘two-seater’ but ‘may be activated on two machines’

Perhaps it is not longer active and a newer version is now active. Your boss should know, or the reseller/partner. What country?

You could try to retrieve the license here:

But then, you must have access to the email which belongs to the license…

Not sure, before I updated my machine it was working perfectly the very same day.

Thanks for the link though, it gave me an option to contact the reseller which is helpful…Hopefully!