I have a Classic Sketchup Pro 2016 version that I want to move to another computer

I have researched my single user licence serial number and have requested an authorization number from SketchUp, and they have sent me the authorization number by e-mail. But when I enter the licence it says it doesn’t look like a valid licensing info. I have cut and pasted the numbers several times.
Since the maintenance and support has lapsed on this classic version, I’m stuck. Any recommendations out there?

Are you sure that the numbers you have are for SketchUp 2016? Is the version you installed 2016? A version 2016 license won’t work with a newer version, and a newer version key won’t work with v.2016.

In the authorizing dialog, I used to find it easiest to click on the Advanced button, and to copy and paste the entire contents of the licensing e-mail into the box that opens.

I saw something strange about your authorization code. I have done something that should fix that, and will message you with new values to try.