Sketchup Pro 2016 not recognizing license received from Sketchup



I received my email with the update for Sketchup Pro 2016 and my license information. I downloaded 2016 Pro but now I cannot activate my license. I keep getting an error message the licensing information is incorrect. I copy and paste the information direct from the email but it will not work. Help please.


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I apologize. I have never used this before and didn’t know where exactly to ask the question,


Is the license serial number that you are trying to use start with “RA-”?



Do not post all your license info in the public forum.


Ok. And no. My license beqins with QA. What is the difference?



If your serial number starts with a QA- then it is not the 2016 license.

I will private message you with a way to get your new license


Thank you. It’s interesting that I was not sent the correct information with the 2016 update link.


I’ve the same problem as yrwong5 had in November – I bought a 2016 license, downloaded the software, and tried to use the serial number Sketchup sent me in email . . . but it starts with a QA-, which you say is not the 2016 license. How do i get my new license?


please send me serial number and authorisation code.


replace the initial character your serial no of rev. 2015 from “QA-…” to “RA-…” and check for full blown license data from here. resp. request to resend again from here.

If using version 2014 (or older) remove the counter of the serial no by deleting the three digits following the initial characters above, i.e. from “PA-001-…” to “RA-…”.


Hi, I’m having the same problem , I managed to downloaded it and now it’s stuck on trial and my serial number does not work and does not have any letters. Please help ! I am a uni student with a 3 year term for SketchUp Pro 2016 and have an assignment due soon ! Thank you


• SUP license data is working for the appropriate version only, i.e. ensure that you have downloaded and installed version 2016 for using with your SUP v2016 license data.
• if your serial no does not start with a letter you do not have valid license data:

  R - SketchUp Pro 2016
  Q - SketchUp Pro 2015
  P - SketchUp Pro 2014
  N - SketchUp Pro 2013
  M - SketchUp Pro 8
  L - SketchUp Pro 7
  K - SketchUp Pro 6
  J - SketchUp Pro 5

• what exactly mean “does not work”, i.e. can you elaborate by e.g. mentioning the shown error message?

Don’t use the extended license input text field if bought by a SUP reseller, doesn’t work reliably resp. w/ license data issued directly from Trimble only.


Thanks, but how do I get a valid license data ? cause I did everything correctly, and even got an email and everything. and it just finished a trial (2016) and now its asking me for a licence


Who did you buy the license from?


The email should have contained license info, assuming it was legitimate. You have to enter that license into SketchUp. You can get to the license screen either via menu SketchUp -> License or menu Help -> Welcome To SketchUp -> click the arrow near “License” to open the screen.


yeah it seems legit, it contains 11 numbers and a ‘-’.


You still haven’t told us who you bought the license from.


btw, there is no SUP 2016 educational license with 3 years runtime of maintenance… bought @ eBay?


Nah i got it off here. Well if thats the case what do i do to get it going again ?