Cannot retrieve license


I am so screwed. My hard drive cratered and I lost a lot of information. I bought Sketchup Pro back when it was @Last. I think the version I was on was either 5 or 6. I need to retrieve my license # but I can’t without the serial #. Don’t have it since all that was lost. I click on the link to “Retrieve Serial #” and it insists on my inputting the Serial #!! Plus the fact that I am now forcede to upgrade and pay for something I already had and was happy with. And if I want to purchase an upgrade, it still asks for my Serial #.

Also, I am still running (reinstalled) Windows XP 64. I will upgrade, but not until sometime later this year.

What do I do?


You can contact the inside SketchUp sales reps with your name, email and other relevant information associated with your old license. They should be able to help find your old license