Need to retrieve license

Hello everyone. It’s been long time since I connected to the SU community forums. I-net problems have kept me away.

But I’m back now, and hopefully for long.

I have lost my SU7 Pro Windows7 Professional, 32Bits license because of Desktop PC collapse.

I have changed equipment and now I am on an INTEL i3 CORE, laptop on Windows 8.1 64Bits.

I need to know whether I can retrieve my license or have I lost it altogether?

Thanks and greetings to everyone.


Hey! It’s good to see you back, sir.

I expect you might have to wait until Monday to get an answer about whether or not you can retrieve your SU7 Pro license. Lots has changed since then, you know. You should probably try contacting SketchUp Customer Support directly.


Thank you DaveR, it seems you became a leader over there. That’s good to

Nice to see you still around.

Warm regards,