Lost my SketchUp 7 License number with laptop

I had bought a Sketch Up7 Pro license a few years ago. I lost my laptop, so I got a new one and downloaded and installed SU Pro a few weeks ago expecting it to resort to SU free (now called SU Make) when the PRO features went off.

However, when I attempt to open it I can’t because it requests my licence number which I no longer have, as it got lost with the old equipment.

I have a different config. with Windows 8.1 - 64bits. on a DELL Vostro intel Core i3. 4GbRAM with intel integrated 1GbGPU

Please let me know whether I need to get a new PRO licence (impossible at all in this country), or can I please retrieve my old SU7 license and download SU7? (if yes, please provide a link)

Thanks very much,

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Your SketchUp 7 license number wouldn’t have worked with the current version anyway. A license only works on the version for which it was designated and doesn’t carry over to newer versions. SU7 hasn’t been available a very long time, either. I think you might need to find a way to get the pro license for SU2016 which is the current version.

Hi DaveR,
Thanks for your reply. Please, indicate how much would a SU2016 license?

Reinaldo, see this link. It says SketchUp Pro is $695 for an individual license.

You could check the upgrade wizard but I’m doubtful that there would be an upgrade to your license at this stage even if you had the serial number for SU7. It’s just been too long.

Or preferably how can I get back my SUPro 7. We cannot access foreign currency,neither buy on line nor transferr money in this country.


I doubt there’s any access to SU7 Pro or even your license at this stage. It’s been many years and SketchUp was sold over four years ago so Google no longer has anything to do with it. I suppose you could try contacting SketchUp customer support but they won’t be able to supply you with SU7 to download.

How were you able to get the SU7 Pro license before?

Oh, I see. Well. Thanks. I will see what can I do.

I appreciate your input.

Good luck.

By the way, you would have gotten an e-mail with the license info back when you bought SU7. Is there any chance it’s still in your inbox?

Hi @Odlanier

Check out this page for a list of authorized resellers.

_You are right. I searched my e-mail inbox and found the license number. Thank you. Now I need to ger SU7 somewhere.

Thanks mate.

You’ve been both very helpfu. I appreciate it.


Be very careful if you find somewhere to download it. Wherever you find it, it won’t be an authorized version and so who knows what baggage will come with it.