Sketch up pro 7

We occasionally use sketch up pro 7 which was purchased a long time back and hardly ever use.

We will have a new team member joining our firm shortly who is fond of sketch up and I am wondering how to update the older pro 7 version to the newest pro version.

I have all the online receipts and emails available when I first purchased this version but these links are no longer opening and the pro 7 will not open on the computer it was downloaded onto.

Any suggestions.


At this point you’ll just download the current version and buy a license for it. It’s been so long since SketchUp 7 that you will be basically starting new.

Your license from Google is neither here nor there. Google sold off SketchUp in 2012. None of the old Google links are valid and there are things in SU7 that no longer work. The 3D Warehouse doesn’t support that far back, the Geo-Location feature is no longer usable, etc.

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