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Hello, apologies in advance as I think this has already been answered but for clarity.

I purchased sketch pro 2021 and the support has now ended.

The only option I am given is to purchase a subscription to make use of all the features which I will need.

Will I loose all of the work and models or will everything just start from scratch…in which case I feel I need to stick with the old one as I’m still using the files?

also…is there a discount for those who have purchased it previously?


If you purchase a subscription you will gain access to using the latest version of SketchUp, currently 23. SketchUp 23 will open all of your 21 and previous version files no problem, the new .skp file format beginning in 21 is forward and backward compatible with subsequent versions.

There is no discount for previous classic license holders that I have ever heard of.

It’s important to note that while the policy of current minus two years means that SU21 is no longer “Supported” does not mean that it will stop working. It will loose access to certain functions like geolocation, and loose direct access to the 3D Warehouse from within SketchUp, but you can continue to download warehouse files through a browser. The basic function of the program will continue to work. So depending on what you need out of SU it can be a strategic option to continue using 21. But it sounds like you need those features so if you do subscribe you can chose to use 22 or 23 and keep all functional features, use all your current files, plus have access to 24 whenever it drops this year.

A last thought, its a good idea to keep a working copy of 21 with your classic license functioning, in case you ever stop subscribing so you have something to open your files with.

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What features do you need? Most of the features of sketchup you’ll be able to use with sketchup 2021, only the features that require an internet connection stopped working, you can still download models or extensions from the warehouse websites, there are plug-ins that can replace certain features like geo location and generate report. As you own a classic license, you can keep sketchup 2021 installed in your machine even if you acquire a subscription license.

Thanks so much. I really only use the warehouse and very little else so using a browser seems like a smart option…

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Yeah, if that’s all you need you can develop a decent workflow with the 3D Warehouse open in a browser window, there are even advantages to that as the browser version keeps your search history on download so it’s easier to navigate. Downside is you can’t load directly into your model but that’s a sketchy practice anyway as so many models are poorly made, always better to download separately, like the mail at the 10 Downing Street, open it carefully and check it out thoroughly first.

Honestly, I would stick with 21. There are no significant improvements (my opinion) in subsequent versions. I’m on subscription but still using 22 as 23 had so many initial bugs and offered very little. Let’s hope 24 comes out and blows our socks off with updates and performance, then you can subscribe.

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No problem, glad to help. Best advice is to edit your last post to remove personal details, they get harvested by bots for bad uses here on the interwebs.

And also, fantastic work you do. :+1:

Whoops sent from my personal email. Yes best advice. Thanks. Done.

Additional tip: if you just need Geolocation in “unsupported” versions you can still add your location manually and then use the plugin “Oob terrain” to import 3d terrain and satellite images.

Yep. Couldn’t agree with you more. It really is pretty disgraceful. I was so confused and shocked when the message came up that support had ended. Kinda criminal I’d imagine to mislead a consumer that much. I wonder if there’s an ombudsmen or legal angle that could be taken. (I’m that frustrated by it!).

Luckily, although I use it constantly, I am a basic user so can probably manage with the original for now…but my plan is to obviously get better so I’m sure I’m a year or two I’ll be forced to sign up.

Out of principle I guess I’ll see what other services are out there?

Not if you accepted the terms of use. This isn’t something new, and Trimble isn’t the only company that does it, you can’t expect to have support forever, otherwise there would be people using windows 95.

Why? There are replacements for all the features that aren’t supported anymore, the sketchup version doesn’t make you more or less “pro” there are experimented users that are still using sketchup 2017 or sketchup web, at the end sketchup is just a tool, and it hasn’t changed much in the last decade. The only reasons that could force me to upgrade is if the plug-ins I use aren’t supported anymore or probably the implementation of a new feature that could be revolutionary but in your case you’ll be covered for a while, sketchup 2021 was the last version with a permanent license and most of the plug-ins work fine with sketchup 2017 and newer.

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Fair point

I’m not expecting to have support forever. What I am expecting is for them to NOT disable and block their users from the capabilities they have paid for. I get that you can’t continue to debug and provide tech help for years after a program is maintained (I’m a programmer), but that is a far cry from deliberately blocking access in order to force a paid user to purchase an upgrade. If you make the program significantly better enough to make me want the new features, then I 'll buy the upgrade. But to force a user to upgrade by breaking a perpetual license is just flat out despicable.


Some of the functionality of the 3d Warehouse depends on browser security. As the internet browsers evolve, one may have to use a workaround to access the warehouse. I know this has happened with the 2019 versions and prior.