Can't afford the subscription price. How can I save my files?

When Trimble locked us in with a subscription model I was coerced into buying into it with the two year lead-in discount but now to continue would have to pay more than double the yearly fee. I do not use Sketchup professionally so I can not afford the price bump.
I have been a fully paid up pro user since 2013. I have spent a fortune as a hobbyist to create many files over the years. Can I convert these files to a format that can be read by another 3D software?

First figure out what you are going to use instead of SketchUp and find out what file types it will import. Look at the file types you can export from SketchUp. Some applications can even import SletchUp files directly.

Thank you DaveR. My choice of app will in part depend on its ability to import .skp files. Over the years I have built up a sizeable library of files that would be devastating to lose. Do you know which apps can import .skp files?

You might try a Google search.

Do you still have a presubscription version/license?
If so you can Save as back to the earlier version and continue to use them there.

Yes, I have so-called “perpetual” Licenses from Sketchup 8 through to SUPro 2021. I will try that. Thank you.

Yes, or I might ask on a forum full of people who have an intimate knowledge of the apps we’re talking about.

Why don’t you just use SketchUp 2021? You won’t have to save back to an earlier version or export as some other file type or learn a new application.

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The reseller had given me the impression that files created with the 2023 subscription version would not be compatible. But despite the “This file was created with a newer version and some elements may be incompatible etc.” warning, the file I opened seems to be working fine. This is a huge relief. I will use my files until orphaned by OS/hardware updates. Thank you so much!

The reseller probably just wanted to sell you another year’s subscription. The file type is the same since 2021. Yes, you might lose some elements that aren’t compatible but so what?