Software options

Hi Sketchup Gurus!

Please could I have some advise on what to choose software wise moving forward.

I have been using Sketchup for many years and did used to keep up to date with all the releases and licencing. I do use pro but stopped updating the licence and am on 2020.
I love using plugins with Sketchup, Clothworks and a few others I have paid for and others I have not.

The updates seemed to come quicker than I could keep up with. I dip in and out of Sketchup when needed, I use the 3D Warehouse quite a bit and have some files uploaded, some public some not.

I’ve just received a warning about support going for my version. Should I download my files for safety?

I do use Sketchup for Business and home life and am happy to pay for the privilege, it’s a goo tool for what I do but all of my other non virtual tools are kept sharp and in good working order, when I open the draw I can rely on them working as good as I left them.

I am however very nervous of loosing my plugins and online connection issues with all these new subscription options and reading some content on the forums with people battling away with these concepts I suppose this also has put me off updating.

What would you decide to do?

I’d like Sketchup with plugins on my laptop and have access to 3DWarehouse and perhaps look into Augmented reality so I can overlay my drawings live on my phone.
Your thoughts and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Seems like you’ve laid it out pretty clearly. Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2020. Assuming that is correct, you can continue using it but be aware that you will likely lose direct access to the 3D Warehouse and probably other web-based services at some point. This is inline with the “Current Minus Two” policy which has been in place for many years.

If you want to continue using the extensions you are used to and you wish to stay up to date, moving to SketchUp 2022 (or sometime in the near future 2023) is the choice. Certainly for what you use SketchUp for you need either SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Go. The latter is web-based and doesn’t have any option for using extensions, though. The SketchUp Pro subscription includes SketchUp Go and SketchUp for iPad which you might find useful.

Thank you DaveR
Yes Im working with SUpro 2020
Lastly what do I need to do to get started with the AR pro function on the Sketchup app I have on my Android phone? (Samsung Galaxy ultra s22)
Any snags I need to now about ? My updating of the licence would be justified on the success of this extra functionality.
I’ve tried before to subscribe to this
(says £8.49/yr) I’m now assuming I need a fully payed up to date licence to unlock this function not just an older than two years Licence?

It sounds like the Google Play AR subscription still works. If you have access to any iPhone or iPad, the AR feature is now free.

Also, 3D Warehouse can show models in AR. If you upload your models to 3D Warehouse you ought to be able to view them in AR in a browser, without needing the AR subscription for the viewer app.

You can still use all your extensions (free or purchased) in old Sketchup version, isn’t it? :thinking:

“Sounds like” ? this doesn’t sound promising…

When or should I ask will this be free for android? I don’t want to purchase more electrical equipment than is entirely necessary .

The OP already knows he can use extensions in SketchUp 2020. He asked about the options for updating to a newer version. Please don’t twist my words to say something they don’t.

No intention of twisting your words, I’m just asking for clarifications, because recently rumors have been circulating in the Italian community that the old versions will no longer be able to use the plugins downloaded from the extension warehouse and I see that here too, you referred to accessing the extension warehouse which will be discontinued for older versions.
Now, I’m 90% sure I understand that EW will still be accessible via the website in an external browser for old perpetual licenses owneners (I hope so), but I ask for confirmation, because it’s not entirely clear how you will activate/deactivate the licenses for the plugins purchased from there in case of for example an uninstall/reinstall, if the internal web service of Sketchup will no longer work.

I do have Android devices for testing. I put a phone on charge so I can check for myself whether the subscription is still offered, and if AR in a browser works. It is likely to use Google’s ARCore, and my phone only has Android 8 on it. Think that should be recent enough. I will know in a little while!

Older versions will not be able be able to access the extension warehouse

This was scheduled to happen tommorow for most versions prior to 2020
End of Support Policy | SketchUp Help

Now for the extensions themselves - that will depend on the extension itself. Lots of extensions use a web browser for their menus.
If an extension is updated to support the newer more secure browser present in newer versions of SketchUp, then it’s quite possible that it might no longer work in old versions.

That’s a big IF and will very much depend on the extension itself - the advice would be to keep any versions of extensions you currently depend on downloaded and stored somewhere safe, as extension warehouse only shows the most recent version for you.

Remember the Extension warehouse and the 3D Warehouse can still be accessed through a browser. It does add an extra step or two …

My Android phone doesn’t support ARCore, so I can’t use AR in the app or in a browser. I see the ‘Pro’ mark on the AR feature, but can’t test if it works.

I do have an Android tablet as well, and there I can see it does take you to a subscribe/pay screen. I wasn’t curious enough to spend $9.99 to test if purchasing works!

I was able to view in AR in 3D Warehouse with Chrome, without needing to pay for the subscription.