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I would like to know what version of SU would suite me best. The main reason for the app will be to help me design my house that I plan to build. I’ll do as much of the work as possible from initial design to the finish build. I would like to create plans to submit to the county planning department as well as to build from. I’d want a materials list as well. I expect it will take me a few months to design and a few years to finish the build. I don’t need much finish detail now, but that may be helpful later.

I already have a basic design pencilled out in 2D drawings with the build site roughly located. I’ll get more precise after I record elevations with a rotary laser level in a week.

My options would seem to be Free, Shop, Pro and Student, along with subscription vs permanent licenses. Suggestions?


I would suggest SketchUp Pro so that you also have access to LayOut for creating the required documentation.

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Would want LayOut for that reason, sure, thanks. Also saw that Student gets me Pro for $55/yr. Maybe I’ll play with the trial of Pro while I make sure my student status at the community college would get me into that package.

If you qualify for a educational license that could be a good option.

Both the trial and the student version are for Studio, not Pro. The only difference between the two is that Studio includes Sefaira, but $55 for a $1199 product sounds better than $55 for a $299 product!

Thought Student came with Pro. Trying to post the screenshot

Professional is listed next to interoperability. Thought that meant it was included, as was layout.

Colin is making it unnecessarily confusing. You would get SketchUp 2020 with LayOut with the educational license. You would also get Sefaira and some other features that may or may not be useful.

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