Floor Plans and layout

Hello folks, I need to do some floor plans but have never used sketchup for this. Would it be advantageous to get sketchup pro for this?

Not sure where to start?

Thank you!!


Yes. It would be advantageous to use SketchUp Pro and LayOut. Layout for things like dimensions and other text as well as dashed lines and other stuff that isn’t really the model.

Thanks Dave!!


My work is architectural and I do need the Pro version for professional/business use.

If you are familiar with Autocad, Sketchup and Layout (only available with Pro version) are a bit like Model Space and Paper Space. The big difference is that SU is native 3D whereas AC is essentially a 2D drawing package.

You can use SU for drawing 2D plans but it is becoming increasingly possible to use LO for that so that you only have one file. One of the slight irritations of SU/LO used together is that you end up with two files: the model file (SU) and its accompanying 2D presentation file (LO). I tend to use the same name for each file so I can see the link at a glance. They won’t get confused because the file extension is different.

Hi yes, SU Pro in order to gain Layout. I Use this pairing exclusively for Archtectural drawings.
You can produce some beautiful drawings. As mentioned the pair are roughly analogous to AC model space and paper space (ish). SU is obviously purely 3D and Layout can Present 2D views based on SU Scenes. All the annotation, dimensioning symbol work etc is done in Layout. I would also recommend the Skalp plugin for section and plan slices , it’s great combo! Good luck

Thank you gang!!! When you obtain sketchup pro is it a one time fee of $695.00 or is that a yearly fee?

Thanks so much for all your help!


It’s $695 to get the license and somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 after that for continuing Pro support which includes the next version of SketchUp. If you don’t renew the support, the license for the current version doesn’t expire so you can just stick with the version you licensed.

Since you’re using SketchUp for your business, you need to be using the Pro version anyway. (I think we talked about this beofre.)

Thanks Dave!! I assume I can transfer all working files I have in Sketchup make to the Pro version?



Thanks so much!!


There is no difference between the skp files created by Make and Pro. The differences are between run-time capabilities of the two versions.

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