Teacher for Sketchup

Hi!! I have a friend who wants to learn SketchUp. Would anyone want to teach her the basics? She has watched YouTube videos but she would prefer to work with a person over zoom.

She doesn’t need become a professional. She mainly wants to understand how to draw floorplans and just a little bit of modeling.

The online classes are more than what she’s needing. TIA!!

Has she found The SketchUp YouTube Channel yet? Or the The Learning Center? Both are sponsored by the SketchUp Crew and well worth the time spent there.


I’ll find out! Great tip, thank you!!

Has she drawn floorplans with other applications or by hand? Understanding how to draw floorplans is a bit different from learning SU. SU is just a tool to facilitate drawing floor plans as is AutoCAD or Revit or any other CAD/Modeling application. If she want to learn about creating floorplan I would suggest Architectural Graphics and Design Drawings by Francis D.K. Ching both books will help drawing floorplans.

Yes, she has a degree in Interior Design and can draw by hand. But it has been a few years since she has practiced. She learned with Autocad which is different than 3d modeling. Thanks for asking!