Intermediate Tutorials

Sorry if this seems really trivial, particularly in these troubled times.

I’ve recently embarked on my Sketchup journey, and started as you would all no doubt recommend, making my way through the Sketchup Fundamentals tutorials in Sketchup Campus.

I found those excellent, well paced, and easy to follow. So, having completed those I’m now in mourning as there are no more! There are further tutorials aimed at landscaping etc, however my immediate needs are a) to map and build a model of my home and b) to be able to design and output components for 3D printing. So, building and modelling as opposed to landscaping etc.

If anybody can point me to good tutorials based on intermediate learning, that might lend themselves to what I’m trying to achieve, I’d be very grateful.


I would just give it a crack. Start small (don’t attempt the whole house) and ask along the way - if you ask concise questions you will get clear answers from some of the best on the Planet here. There are lots of great SketchUp Skill Builder videos, and Justin at The SketchUp Essentials has a pile of good videos on extensions.

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Have a look at my recent reply to another modeller, asking for help with modelling his house.

Please help me in exporting this view to 2D cad file please.

And if you are modelling for 3Dprinting, draw in metres as if they were inches or mm, and scale down only when you are ready to print.

Like you, I live in the UK and use SU for designing buildings. I can heartily recommend two books, The Sketchup Workflow for Architecture by Michael Brightman and Sketchup and Layout for Architecture by Nick Sonder. They gave me the confidence to know I could migrate away from the industry standard Autocad and use SU/Lo for all my CAD needs.