Getting started with SketchUp Pro for construction drawings


SketchUp Pro and drafting newbie here. I took several high school classes in drafting which included CAD (graduated 98), I used Softplan 2013 for a couple years (very unimpressed with capabilities) and I’ve worked with Chief Architect some but by no means would I say I’ve even become competent at any of them. I got good enough to generate what I needed inefficiently- I’d like to change that with SU.

I’m a GC in residential remodeling and I need to be able to effectively and quickly design interiors as well as additions, decks, etc. I have a good understanding of the construction process.

I need guidance for learning SketchUp Pro. What tutorials would you recommend? Resources for learning? I’m most interested in construction drawing creation. I’d prefer to start out designing with a floorplan, then adding detail through 3D if that’s possible. I learn best by seeing- reading a book on this stuff doesn’t work for me.

I also realize learning times vary, but I’m planning on blocking out some time to focus on learning the program, 5-10 hr/day. How long would you recommend me setting aside to become comfortable with creating floorplans and construction drawings? TIA!


Google: Nick Sonder Sketchup

He creates wonderful sets of CDs using SketchUp and Layout.

He has many informative and well put together YouTube videos.

He also has a great book about it:


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