Product Purchasing Option Question

My laptop died almost a year ago and I think I am finally looking at buying a new one. I also lost my “sponsor”. I am now retired so cost is an issue. I was using SU 2019 & 2020 which I hope I will be able to install on the new computer. Now here is something I am looking at and would appreciate some comments on/reply to.

Since the classic license is no longer available and the Pro license is way too expensive I am considering the Go version ($119 yr) to use in conjunction to my older versions.

Seems this would allow me to use the older versions for plugins and use the Go/Web version for some features I would like to experiment with (Connect sharing features and the unlimited cloud storage feature).

Again, feedback on this combination/option appreciated.

I wish Trimble could/would come up with a reasonably priced option that would us to use the full features and plugins for us retired people/hobbiests.

Plugins with the Go version are not possible. Use your 2020 version and keep a record of your Serial number autho code and the download file to install.

That is ratty much what I was planning to do. :grinning:

There is one possible complication. Looks like your ‘sponsor’ transferred the 2020 license to Wes. If you had SketchUp 2020 still working on a machine, it would continue to work, but if you need to contact support to get the license details, they might not give you the details.

That might be one of the next issues. Yes, the last update to my license was paid by the company I did work for. Wes was the president and CEO. The company was sold and no longer exists. They still have a web site because they did not close it down. I still have an email address form them which is the one that was used for my all of my licenses (2014 thru 2020). I would like to change my email address for all of my SketchUp related stuff but am not sure where or how to go about it. Can you help me sort all of this out?

Sorry for the long message but this was the next thing on my list.

If Wes is still able to send a message from his work email, he could contact support and ask them to change the email address on the license to your new email address. He can do that with this form:

If you do get a Go subscription you would be able to use your new email address, no need to sign in with the email address that you used to use. You could create a new Trimble ID with your email address.

I do not have any contact info for Wes anymore.

For now, I will probably just use the web version along with what ever classic version I can get installed on the new computer when I get it.