Sketchup 2022 to 2017

I made a model in Sketchup 2022. Now, my license is expired. However, I have a paid version of 2017, but I cannot open the model in 2017. I can also not save it as a 2017 file, because Sketchup 2022 will not open at all. Does someone know how I can transform it back to a 2017 version, so I can open my model again?

Perhaps worth to try:
Eneroth Open Newer Version | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Alternatively you can open it with the web app and download as skp SU2017 version.

I have a similar issue, although I have a current SU 2022 pro subscription. I modified someone elses design from a SU 2017 file. The changes are now saved in a 2022 file format. I would like to share the file so the original designer who only has SU2017 can view it. I tried opening it using the web app but when I saved it, downloaded it and opened it with SU2017 it said it cant open a SU2022 file format.
Perhaps someone more familair with the web app can tell me if there is an option to save as 2017 file. Seems for me it saves my web app files to 2022.


Thank you so much. When I first tried the download using the web app I must have missed the pull down with the SU release versions. With the desktop version Save As, I just choose SkethcUp Models (*.skp) and didnt know about the pulldown options. I have now tried based on your GIF and both the web app and the desktop allow me to save to older versions. Very grateful to you for making this feature clear. Hopefully it beneifts others that will read this thread also.

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Why not use File>Save as… and change the version to 2017? Seems that would be a whole lot easier and more direct than uploading to the web version.

Yes, I agree. Mostly my ignorance on this feature as when I did File-> Ssave As , I didnt realize the version choices in the pulldown. Beats using the web app for this purpose.