Sketchup Pro 2021 - Cannot save to older file version

I’m having trouble saving my sketch up file from version 2021 to 2019 version. Every time I put down to save it as the 2019 version on the drop down menu it automatically saves it as 2021. Anyone had similar issues?

How do you know it is not saving as 19. Did you try to open the file from within SU19 by using the open menu pathway? If you double click on the file it will open in 21 again as that is the default application for .skp on your computer.

Open SU 19, then choose open file, navigate to the file in the window and open it.

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When I try to save it as 2019, it automatically saves it to the 2021 version even after choosing it as 2021 file.

And yes, I don’t have the Sketchup 2019 version installed on my computer. Do I need to have the 2019 Sketchup version to be able to save it as 2019 file version? The requirement is that I need it to be saved as a 2019 version.

No you don’t need SU 19 to save it. It’s probably working just fine but llisting under properties as a 2021 file because it’s a .skp and 21 is the program you have loaded that opens .skp files. Windows does not know about different year versions.

If you can post a version that you believe is 19 here in a reply (just drag and drop the file into a response). And I’ll test it on 19.

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test-v2019.skp (524.1 KB)

Thanks for the help, I saved this one as a 2019 file version using the SU 2021 that I have installed on my computer.

Also, if you re open it in 21 do you get a dialogue saying this was made in an earlier version? I’ll check in a bit, on my phone with now.


Yup! It says version 19.0.1! You are right about what you said that Windows does not know about different year version. That’s confusing

Thank you so much for your help!

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All good, no problem :+1:

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Unlike some systems, including its ancestor MS Dos, Windows doesn’t look at the start of a file’s contents to decide what it is, only at the extension. So to it one .skp is the same type as any other .skp. All it knows is what app is set to open .skp. In fairness, macOS does the same.