CAN someone please save this as .skp 2020 for me?

I’m currently using Sketchup 2020.

I have been sent this sketchup file by architect, they said in the latest version of sketchup you cant save as 2020?

I cant afford to upgrade at this stage…

Can someone please resave as 2020 for me? :pray:t3:

access need to be for everyone.
Most likely, your architect still has version 2023 installed?
He/she could open the file in that version, and do a ‘save as’ lower version.

this was their response :

'Sketchup doesn’t have an option to save or export for pre-2022 versions unfortunately.

2024 is “version-less” and can be opened in 2022-23 sketchup, but they aren’t supporting pre-2021 versions any more.’

Don’t have acces to the file, so can’t resave it for ya

Here ya go! (7.9 MB)

Did clean up the model a bit to reduce the filesize from 154MB to 29MB

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Maybe this extension could also help you out. Eneroth made this to open newer versions and should also work in SUP20 :wink:

i did try this extension but couldnt get it working?
i’m using 2020, there is no File > open newer version option?

Amazing!!! thank you so much!

It should also work with SUP20 :thinking:
After installing the extension there should be a new option in the file tab.

How it is installed and where to find the “open newer version” option:

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Oops, didn’t check their OS, and it seems it does not work on Mac (& Cheese) :see_no_evil:

that one has mac support. it’s a standalone app by su4u that allows you to convert files to a specific format before opening them

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DOESNT install?
Did you have any luck?

As it says in the window message, you are trying to install an application (.app) from within SketchUp (Extension Manager). From SketchUp, you can install .rbz files.

Google search - ‘how to install .app in Mac’‘’&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

How do you install this MAC app please?

There are security controls that you will need to disable in your macOS setting.

I’m. currently away from my desk so I don’t remember where they - but honestly perhaps if you don’t know about these things it might be best to leave things as they are…

right click on it, and open.
it tells mac os that you know it’s not from the mac app store.

Amazing!! It worked! Thank you so much :pray:t3: Brilliant work around…