Install old version of SketchUp Pro



I bought a new computer and am trying to use my license for Pro version 6. I have my license number and and authorization code, but there is no download available on the SketchUp site. Is it possible to still use my license or do I have to upgrade?

Thanks in advance.


Hello @gregg you can check out all the SketchUp Pro versions available for download here. Also, make sure to check out our SketchUp Pro License Wizard.



Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. Is there anywhere that I can download SU Pro version 6 from so I can use my license, or do I have to upgrade to one of the versions on the page you linked?


@gregg thanks for the note.

You can still use SketchUp 6 for commercial use, however, we no longer support your version of SketchUp 6 nor provide downloads. If you are interested in purchasing a license to get the latest version of SketchUp Pro for commercial use, please click here.

You can upgrade using the Upgrade Wizard. Be sure to review the hardware requirements for SketchUp before purchasing.

If you need anything else, please let us know. Thanks for being a part of the community!


You could have a look at old version .com they have several versions to choose from.
I know nothing about them, just offering you a link to go to.


the available legacy downloads here.