Where do I download pro 8 from to use with my previously purchased license?

I purchased a pro license back in 2011.

I am on a new machine and no longer have the downloaded installer I used to install Pro 8 back then. I have been on the new trimble site looking for a download but can find the old version. When I use my license on the latest version of pro it takes me to an upgrade page. I don’t want to upgrade (essentially purchasing the software again!). I just want to use the tool I originally purchased.

Does anyone know where I can get a safe (virus free) copy of this software. The pro version I was using back in 2011/2012 was great and I just need to do a small job that probably doesnt justify an upgrade to the latest.


upgrading is much cheaper than buying a full license of course:

SketchUp Pro 8-EN f. Windows XP/7
SketchUp Pro 8-EN f. Mac OS X v10.5/6/7/8

if Win: Setup and first start of SU by launching the installer resp. SU by “right-click > Run as Admin…”.

recent Windows versions 8.x/10 are not supported by SU 8 !

For more information on why we don’t recommend using SketchUp Pro 2013 or earlier, please visit the Help Center article here: http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000177