Options for Sketchup Pro 8 License?

I have a Sketchup Pro 8 license. I have a model of my home that was done many years ago using this and I want to view it again. I would likely use this product maybe once every two years. Do I have any option to pay an upgrade fee to the last version of Sketchup Pro, which looks to be the 2019 version? There is no way I am going to pay $120 per year for a tool I will only use occasionally.
Is there any way to download the version 8 that I already have a license for?

Is there any option to do an upgrade to the last released version of Sketchup Pro?

Yes you can still buy a classic license, but I doubt there would be any ‘upgrade’ discount this many years later.
@colin may be able to advise you on that.

I will have fun asking my colleagues whether that is possible.

May as well try to get SketchUp 8 going, if you have a license for it. It works well enough in Windows 10 for me. Shame that I have a Mac license and not a Windows one.

That would be me having the Win version, still works fine, I might say. I would let you use it but it is against the eula.
You gotta give windows credit for that.
In general, you cannot upgrade a license that hasn’t had ‘Maintenance’ for three years or more . It simply would be cheaper to buy a new, because otherwise, it just wouldn’t be fair towards the folks that do (or did) pay the Maintenance.
Any old (expired for maintenance) license above version 8, starting with 2013, has value, because you can migrate that and get a discount for subscription.