Upgrading my Sketchup License

I have recently tried to update our Sketchup license as we required the pro version of which we bought a license for back when it was Sketchup 5. We were assured at the time that the license was perpetual and would never expire, however when I tried to upgrade the system would not allow it. So I have since been in contact with Sketchup customer services who are unable to answer my query and have told me to speak to the sales team but after weeks of calling, leaving messages and emailing I have had no reply. This is really frustrating as I urgently need the pro facilities to deliver a project to full spec but I am not getting anywhere with it. Can anybody give me any advice and if the sketchup team are reading this please can you help as it only seems fair that I get the service I was guaranteed when originally buying the license?
Many thanks

the license of the Pro version 5 (probably bought by @Last Software in those days…) doens’t expire, you can use this version as long as you want… in the boundaries of the system requirements of version 5 of course (= no recent operating systems).

Upgrading an old version 5 (released 2005) to the recent version 2018 is not available anymore, you need to buy a new license either by Trimble or by your local reseller.

Thanks for the reply sketch3d_de. I guess I’ll have to purchase it then but I thought that no matter what version you had, if you’ve paid for it you get the upgrade, but it would seem not. I don’t suppose you have any info on how to get Sketchup 5 and whether it could be ran on my current Mac with a Rosetta app installed? The most important capability I need is the ability to import and export DXF/ DWG files which isn’t included in make, unless there’s a plugin to do this but I can’t seem to find anything.

It’s pretty rare that software comes with unlimited upgrades.
You buy the current version and upgrades for that version, but once a new version is released you need to buy the new version or stick with your original version.
As one of the more obvious examples, Windows; you get all the upgrades for WinXp but then they release Vista, and then Win7, then Win10.
Each new version is a separate purchase (with the rare exception of Win10 free upgrade because they wanted everyone to give away their privacy) even now after the free upgrade time you have to buy Win10 or stick with the last one you bought.
As long as you keep the install files and the license info and your hardware works with it, you have a perpetual license for SU5. In the same way I still have several functioning XP PCs.

you can download rev. 5 from the SUP archive of our download repository.

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Box - Thanks for you reply, yes that makes sense actually I thought I had been told it was automatic upgrades but I was obviously wrong! Thanks for confirming.
sketch3d_de - Thanks for the link, trying to work out a way of making it work on current mac operating system which is a bit of a challenge but hopefully will find a solution. Thanks for your help.

you can try “Parallels Desktop” in combination with a Mac OS v10.6 ‘Snow Leopard’ server edition (standard desktop version is blocked by Parallels) … but buying the recent SUP 2018 is probably more effective already because of the tons of bug fixes… at least if your time is money.

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Ok thanks will have a look into it but sounds like it’s more effort than its worth!
The main issue I have with Make is the ability to import DXF or DWG (mainly for Vectorworks drawings and Illustrator vectors), so if I could get round that with a free/ low cost extension that would amazing but from looking I can’t seem to find anything. Any solutions greatly received!

According to the terms of use, Make is not permitted in a commercial setting. If you are doing any sort of commercial work, you need to be using SketchUp Pro.

Keep in mind that SketchUp 5 was released long before any of the current operating systems. while it might work, It might not behave well. You’ll need to be willing to accept a certain amount of “bugginess” from it.

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