SketchUp-Pro for sale (?)

I know we can buy SketchUp Make Make 2017 for instance. My question is, can we buy SketchUp-Pro even though it is not the latest version?
Thank you.

SketchUp Make is available at no charge. If someone is selling it, they are planning to rip someone off.

You can contact customer support and ask them if they’d sell you a previous version but I don’t know why you’d do that unless you have an ancient computer that won’t run newer software.

Hi Dave,
My mistake, I meant, to get SU Make 2017, not to buy it.
The only reason I would like to buy SU Pro is just to avoid a yearly payment. Just one payment and that’s it, it is mine forever.
Now, if we subscribe to pay yearly, it is upgraded automatically when we pay or do we just keep using the same every year?

Thank you.

You’ve been using SketchUp commercially so you need to be using SketchUp Pro. You can get the Classic license which gives you SketchUp Pro and LayOut and some other stuff. If you choose to keep your annual maintenance and support up to date you can upgrade to the next version if you want. If you don’t keep it up to date you can continue using SketchUp 2020.

If you choose the Subscription license you get SketchUp Pro, LayOut, and other stuff. You need to keep your subscription up to be able to continue using SketchUp but you would be entitled to upgrade to the new version when it is released.

The one for you is up to your choice.

Thank you Dave. Your guidance is appreciated.

With the classic license, one year of maintenance and support is included, so any new versions in that year would be included.

wth the subscription license too, actually with every version. :yum:

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