SketchUp Pro

If we buy SketchUp Pro,
1- Is it a one time payment or do we have to pay the license every year?
2- Can we keep and work with SketchUp free after buying the Pro version?

Thank you.

If you pay the annual maintenance and support fee, you continue to have access to SketchUp’s official technical support and you are entitled to upgrade to the next SketchUp version. If you opt to not pay the annual fee, you can continue using the version you have licensed. Your access to Tech Support will lapse and you won’t be able to upgrade to the next version. If you decide after several years to upgrade to the latest version, you’ll pay full price.

Technically SketchUp Free will still not be licensed for commercial use. I would refer to a lawyer to get legal advice regarding that.

If you’ve been using SketchUp Free or SketchUp Make for commercial use, you’ve been violating the terms of service you agreed to.

Thank you Dave.

I understand that having SketchUp Pro I wouldn’t need my SU Free anymore but they both can live together in my computer. Right?

SketchUp Free doesn’t live in your computer. It is downloaded to open in your browser each time you go to it.

Since you would be buying SketchUp 2018 Pro, it would be a totally separate installation from SketchUp 2017 Make if you have that installed on your computer.

Thank you for the clarification. I though that we upload SU Make in the computer.
So every time I start SU, is the program downloaded? Is it the same with SU Pro?
Anyway, thank you again Dave.

SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro would be downloaded and installed on your local drive. Then, when you open it, you are opening it like any other program. If you use SketchUp Free or SketchUp Shop, both of which are web-based, you are downloading and opening it each time.

100% Clear. :sunglasses:
Thank you Dave!!!

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