Purchasing SketchUp Pro

Hi there.

I discovered SketchUp in February and decided to use it to make a model project, and I’m nearing completion after several months of learning - with the help of some people on this forum - how to use it.

I’ve decided that I quite like the project and as such am considering purchasing the Pro version.

I had a few questions.

Which payment methods are allowed? I’m not a credit card user…

Also, once I upgrade to Pro do I need to maintain a yearly license or anything?


I am not sure about the payment methods, but I believe when you purchase SketchUp license, you get one year of maintenance support, but your license doesn’t expire.

This is what the SketchUp website says:

What if my upgrade, maintenance, and support program expires?
It’s important to note that your SketchUp Pro license will always work for the version of Pro that you paid for. SketchUp Pro licenses will not stop working when your upgrade, maintenance, and support program expires. For example, if you purchased a new license for SketchUp Pro 2016 on December 1st, 2015, you would get a perpetual Pro 2016 license that would not expire. You would also get upgrades, maintenance, and support until November 30th, 2016 (i.e. one year after the purchase). If you would like to join the maintenance and support plan after your plan has expired for more than 30 days, there would be a $60 reinstatement fee, and you would start a new twelve-month support term.

if you don’t wanna pay by credit card you could buy with a local resller which optionally can provide 2/3 years of maintenance runtime if desired… but in Canada there is none.

I guess I’ll wait until my good computer is built (this one is not so terrific) and then I’ll just buy a prepaid Visa/Mastercard and use that.

hint: intel Core i7-4790k/6700k - nVidia GeForce GTX 960 (or better) - 16 GB (2 modules) - Samsung 850 Evo/Pro

if already an Amazon customer check their CC (powered by Visa).

Let’s see here…

So far, I have:

  • Intel i7 4790 Processor
  • Asus Radeon R7 370 4GB Video Card
  • Some motherboard
  • Some watercooling thingy
  • A paltry 32GB RAM

Hopefully that can run SketchUp and Google Earth simultaneously…

go for the faster i7 series with extension ‘xxxxK’ added.

AMD Radeon = nogood

MoBo/Video: Asus (or MSI) rulez

Watercooling: senseless with really silent air coolers avail. (be quiet! or EKL) and if it gets leaky 8-#
better save the money and put in a faster CPU imho

I have to agree with @sketch3d_de, Stay away from AMD Radeon, and as COOL as watercooling is, it really isn’t worth the money.

And, don’t forget…your storage device…perhaps SSD…

SSD is great for running OS and programs - everything loads very fast. A good HD for files. The reasoning here is that if a SSD fails, the content cannot be recovered, while data on a HD often can (for a hefty price.) This brings up the need for backup drives, both for SSD and HD, and regular cloning backups, if you go that route. So if a drive fails (or even if you get a really nasty virus), just swap drives.

And this is why I hate mentioning the parts I’m using to build a computer. Everyone has their own opinions on what’s “Good” and what’s not.

I already bought the parts listed and that’s what I’m going with.

MikeO, it’s just that AMD has a very spotty record of providing complete OpenGL support for their graphics cards. You may get lucky and install a good driver out of the box. But for other AMD card users, the OpenGL deficiencies can affect some tools, and even the ability to save files, among other things.

Well whatever, guess I’m screwed then.

No, but you may have to go through and try installing older drivers which work better with SU. You’ll find out quick enough.

Okay. Thanks for the input.

If I order 2016 with one year maintenance, do I get the possibility to get and use SU2017?

I think the short answer is Yes, read here:


The longer answer is No. Wait, that has less letters…

You would be taking the gamble that Trimble might delay the 2017 version to after June 2017, just to spite you!

I have no insights to know whether now is safe.

you might have an opinion, I have described what’s working best for SketchUp… which is the Radeon definitely not.

as always, it’s up to you but then don’t complain here if the Radeon fails.

I wasn’t actually planning on complaining if the Radeon fails. Why would you presume I was?

Apparently according to AMD my video card supports OpenGL 4.5.

claiming that something is supported doesn’t mean that the support is complete and mature, especially in connection with 3D modelers (and not 3D games)… which AMD has already proven in the past (see above).

anyway, if failing switch to the SU x32 version, the 32-bit OGL support of the AMD Crimson driver is currently more reliable than the 64-bit OGL support.