Question on Subscription options...?

This is my first post in the forum since the Trimble purchase. I have owned and used SketchUp Pro since version 1 under the original @Last company. My other major 3D software is Maxon Cinema 4D Studio. My primary industry is virtual world platforms.

I am currently using SketchUp Pro 8 but I am interested in upgrading. Information on the details of the subscription are minimal. I understand that the price is now $120 per year and that you receive support and whatever upgrades come out during that period.

My question is about what kind of subscription it is? Is this like Adobe subscriptions where your software is turned off when you stop paying and you can no longer use SketchUp or is it simply that you receive no more upgrades or support after your subscription period ends?

Thanks for any help.

[quote=“3DCobarr post:2, topic:20751, full:true”] Information on the details of the subscription are minimal. I understand that the price is now $120 per year

Hello and no, it will not stop working. When you buy a Pro license it is yours and active ( at that versions “level” ) for your life. It is your option to maintain the yearly support fee. Or go with that version as it is and not paying the yearly. You will not get any NEW features or tools, upgrades, bug-fixes, or increased performance options. The fee is $120.00 for yearly maintenance and $60 for re-instating if you opted out of re-newel or let the yearly option laps after 30 days from So for your SU 8 Pro upgrade is $180.00 to get it to the 2016 Pro version. The link below has there full explanation…

Fastest way to get a exact upgrade quote would be via:

It has a box for your current license number.

Or try the: SketchUp Online License Wizard

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Thank you, I have had a number of problems with their implementation of the forums, moving from Google and @Last before that.

Apologies, for the delayed response.

I had contacted the company, but their sales response does not answer direct questions and is not very clear. Have this feeling it is an auto reply. Google was worse. I yearn for the days of @Lasts’s support. Oh Well.

oh well:

SketchUp Online License Wizard

What are the pricing options for the Maintenance & Support Plan?

Single-user Renewal: $120 USD per year
Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement: $180 USD per year
Single-user Renewal + Reinstatement - Out of support +1 year: $240 USD per year



from the Help Center article on the the Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support Program:

Lapsed Maintenance & Support

Three years after your Maintenance & Support program has ended, your license will no longer be eligible for renewal and upgrade. Your license will never expire, but in order to access the latest version of SketchUp Pro, you’ll have to purchase an entirely new, full-cost license.

If you have a license of SketchUp Pro from version 8 or earlier, you are not eligible for Maintenance & Support. You’ll have to purchase a new license to access the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

(The emphasis on the second sentence about v8 or earlier upgrades is by me.)

There should enough articles in the SketchUp Help Center for you to make a decision of some kind:

SketchUp Help Center User Guide

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