Subscription...Monthly $25 SketchUp Pro License


Just a fellow daily SketchUp Pro user, never really felt the need to contribute or comment on the forum until now. The architecture office I work for uses sketchup for 3D and Autocad for drawings…

My initial response to the subscription model was negative like the general consensus. However looking deeper I am glad to see a 50% lower cost option for the Pro-license.

However if Trimble insists on a subscription model we as consumers should push for a monthly subscription with the option to cancel monthly payments at any point; similar to Adobe CC.

Trimble claims it will be able to provide better bug fixes and updates but it is not guaranteed. Merely claimed as to why they are switching to subscriptions. As consumers we should be skeptical and hold them accountable for what is delivered down the road.

For example:

  • Last year, updates with inferencing and Layout were amazing and exciting!
  • This year, updates mostly seem like minor fixes and beta updates, not really exciting.

Frankly, a pay as you go model of $25 per month ($300 total for year) makes SketchUp more accessible to anyone willing to try it out, and gives direct user feedback to Trimble should people start canceling their monthly payment/service.

If anyone is listening please make this happen!
If you agree let Trimble know
. We should work together for a better product!

In fairness to Trimble, Sketchup Make/free users had it good long enough. Phasing them out of updates is reasonable and anyone still has the option to do a free SketchUpPro-30 day trail which is fair.

Do the math. It is is not lower. It is in fact much higher.

After only 3 years, on the subscription license, you will have paid more than those who bought a classic license at the same time. Thereafter, each year you will be paying (299/yr) 179 dollars more than those who on classic license pay for Support & Maintenance (120/yr).

Usually monthly payments are more than just the yearly fee divided by 12. Electronic payments have fees involved for merchant accounts. So monthly subscription would likely be around 30 dollars, meaning roughly 20% higher in cost each year.

There is already a 30 day trial, so “anyone” can have their first month free to decide whether to subscribe or not.

I am not against a per month billing scenario, as I always support letting the customer have things their way.

Accessibility? Perhaps more so for private hobbyists or small sole proprietorships. For most companies dealing will such a small purchase each month is too expensive (overhead-wise), especially when a purchase order is involved.

I’ll give the request a thumbs up … :+1:


Haha Thanks for the thumbs up Dan!

They could keep the 1 year subscription service as well. Just add a monthly one.
The way I see it, the subscription model will take over. Simply trying to embrace it and make a fair compromise.

The company I work for and many others have subscriptions with AutoCAD and Adobe CC. We are looking at switching to Revit as of late it’s also a subscription model.

Still, happy to see a lower initial purchase cost. They could of kept it at $600 if they wanted to. And perhaps they will, next year. :sweat_smile: Luckily for now, people are still able to buy a classic license after all.

This may be of interest - link to post re SU v Revit cost comparisons

Jayman Built

Guys, thanks for the thoughful comments above.
We have used Sketchup Pro, in all its versions, as a useful and quick way to illustrate building designs, or to illustrate 3D items. We don’t use the peripheral Layout tool.

So I just cannot see how a subscription payment model is value for money.

Even though we have the made the traditional maintenance paymentst I also don’t see the evolution of the software justifies the payments - is the 2014 version significantly different to 2018 version? Not for me.