Monthly Pro Subscription, Please? Pretty please?

Why is there no option for monthly payments with an option to cancel, on a pro/studio license?
Upfront costs of +$300 is hard to stomach but 1 monthly installment payment of $25 is much more palatable for most people I imagine.

In comparison to SU, Adbe CC has many useful software programs that are industry standards. Their suite/CC pricing is actually reasonably priced for their market.

I’m all for Trimble developing sketchup, SU Make users had it too good anyways.
I’m sure most make users would be open to $25/month payment for SketchUp Pro.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Please comment, be heard and speak up :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have the option of both, It depends on what the price point is and how much you save over the annual fee. It’s not going to be 25 realistically it would make no business sense, then everybody would just pay monthly and not have to commit.

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Perhaps financially it doesn’t make as much sense. But you could end up with a bigger market share then you hike up the prices when there is no competition left :laughing:

Totally agree! I am an Adobe CC user and I like the model and works for my business. SketchUp would have made $100s out of me and my colleagues by now if there was a monthly subscription. When 3D is not your primary source of income but a useful addition, monthly is much easier as you mentioned.

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could obviously not be offered for the same price as a yearly subscription, U$ 50.-/month would be more appropriate for cherry picking.

So instead you and your colleagues are using SketchUp Make for your work as indicated in your profile?

Same here, i’m not paying a year, but i would have taken the monthly plan more then a year ago, even at a reasonable 40$/month. The maths are clear, it’s SketchUp lost.
Instead i burn through time on FreeCad and sometime SketchUp Web Free.
Plus the web pro version is finally a solution for me and my collaborators as Linux users.
I can’t imagine how much they loose in hacking on Windows and Mac just because there is no monthly plan!