I Will Subscribe to Pro, But Only If I Can Get Monthly

Hey Sketchup Sales Team,

I’m a hobbyist DIY-er that works part time in an unrelated field, and a lump sum of $299 for an annual subscription just isn’t in my cards at this point. $25 - $30 a month however, that I can do. I already have a few monthly subscriptions for software like Adobe’s and Microsoft’s and it’s a good model for prying money out of my wallet each month. I’ve been using Sketchup Free (2017) for years now, but I am finding myself at the limits of what I can do with it, and really would like to get Pro.

So, if Monthly was an option on your subscription page right now, you’d already have my money, and I would just be saying hello in the Pro forum.

But for now, as I wait for a lottery win or a monthly option, I’ll just keep swearing at Sketchup Free while I trudge through this new design that’s next level for me. It requires me to re-pose many copies of the same deeply nested components over and over and over again. It’s frustrating because trying to keep the originals safe from modification at this scale is dangerous, and having to go in and out and in and out of these nested components to modify attributes by hand is maddening. It really is the first time in my designs that I’ve run into the genuine need for Dynamic Components. They’re so close, yet so far…

Anyways hope you consider it. I think it’d be a win-win for everyone. And when you do: “Here Take My Money!”



My 1 cent:
How about a day token system - you buy in bunches of 50 or 100, and every day you open the application consumes one token?

Sounds like a good plan, pay per day as you use per day!
Would be a better option then pay per month, even if you do not use it for 3 weeks :wink:
Personally i find myselve with the same costly problem of the annual pircings.
(oh how i miss the “pay it once and use it for a lifetime” software)

In case of tokens, do hope it wont be like, pay one token per day of use, another token to use this feature, yet another token to use that extention, etc which could end up using a years worth of tokens spend in a month :confused:

Anyhoe, still a great fan of the free 2017 version for my personal use :innocent:

Having something like PlaceMaker does where you only pay when you use it would be nice. I just use SketchUp as a hobby but there have been a few times when I could have used the features of Pro.

Any place to see the new features added to PRO vs FREE 2017?

Release notes on this page.

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Autodesk does another variation of this now , but then that opens up another can of worms when someone does something with the program they don’t feel is worth paying for or if open something accidentally or if you aren’t keeping an eye on your counter and suddenly you need to buy more credit etc.
Then what if you don’t want to purchase 50 credits , you only want 5 etc etc etc.
It also requires a perpetual internet connection - which is something users often find problematic.

So many different criteria to consider!

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Wow! There are a few features and improvements there I didn’t even realize Pro had, like the tangent inference lock and geometry clipping fix, which would both be life changing.