SketchUp going "subscription?"


Hi All!
What do people generally think about SketchUp going “subscription”? Personally I think it’s a shame! I was quite upset when the free version went “cloud” only (as I had recommened the App to serveral people to use at home for their own enjoyment!) Now Trimble feel that it is necessary to follow “Adobe” in this way (I now don’t use Adobe anymore for that reason - but use Affinity Photo and Designer - much better and a one off price of about £47 sterling here in the UK! and up to five machines!) Hopefully I can still use my SketchUp Pro 2016 licence for ever (thanks for the confirmation eneroth3!) Discuss?



I think there are enough threads addressing this that another one is just plain pointless.

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the perpetual SketchUp Pro ‘Classic’ License can still be obtained here or by your local reseller.