Sketchup License help!

I have seen a there is classic license and also seen pro but wondering what one I should get, I want the pro bonus things for non profit home stuff but not sure what I should go with and can you help? I also looking and wondering if I not pay yearly after the 3rd or so years if I keep my version will I still keep the pro bonuses?

would talk to them but can’t find how to message them easy

You can purchase a Classic license to SketchUp 2019 Pro which will give you a perpetual license. If you choose not to pay the annual Maintenance and Support fee, you can continue using SketchUp 2019 as long as you want. You won’t lose any of the existing features.

FWIW, Google hasn’t had anything to do with SketchUp for almost 7 years.

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oh I just remember using it most when it called google sketchup, does classic include the cad file things that pro has? I not sure on that part and if can merge shapes together that pro does

The “classic” perpetual license for SketchUp Pro is Pro. There is only one version of the SketchUp Pro 2019 software, but there are two options now offered by Trimble for how to obtain the desktop client version of it:

  • The ~$695 one-time fee classic/perpetual license means that you can continue to use the SketchUp Pro 2019 software “forever” (assuming that newer versions of Windows or Mac Os that you might install underneath SketchUp allow SketchUp to remain compatible and working OK, etc.).
  • The ~295$ per year subscription option gives you access to the exact same SketchUp Pro 2019 software (plus other things, such as Virtual Reality viewers). The subscription license means that you would no longer be able to use the SketchUp Pro 2019 client (and VR viewers etc.) software if and when you stopped paying for the subscription.
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thanks I wasn’t sure since it just says classic mainly wanted to confirm it is