Returning to SketchUp Pro ..Classic or subscription?

Hello ALL
I am a returning pro to sketchup i have used this wonderful programe for many years but have taken a break from work anyway getting back into it now my last version would have been Classic 2018 so i went on line and the subscription version seems to be the one they are pushing us to much like adobe i dont have a problem with that but do you think it is better for me to upgrade my license to the current classic version if i can of course! or is subscription the way to go now ? .

Classic, all the way. Many will tell you different, but if you decide (for whatever reason) not to upgrade after a year you can still use it and use your files (and create new ones) without contravening licence restriction.


I would say classic, just in case you decide not to upgrade. I’ve got Classic 2018 and it’s going strong for me.


You can download 2020 and start a trial, compare it to what you have now and then decide if you should update, at all.
As said, your current version will still work, upgrade to 2020 will cost you a late renewal (~$250?) if not to late.
Keep in mind that in order to have access to the (mobile) Viewers and unlimited storage in Trimble Connect ( Project management, collaboration ) you would need the subscription.

Classic. With five switching users we were unable to find any usable extra in the subscription model.

Please note that a classic license is personal, meaning, well uhm, person(al)
It is easier to manage licenses with the subscription model, compared to the classic system. (Assign the new employee, get rid of all activations of the one that has left)
If multiple employees are switching, you can still have the ‘classic’ network license (=more expensive, minimum of 5 seats)

I know it’s personal. Thats part of our problem with this licensing model. Subscriptions are way more expensive without for us any usability extra’s. The licensing models do not fit our businessmodel and size. So we will stay where we are for the coming future.