If I do the Upgrade, do you switch me to a subscription?

If I install the upgrade, does it switch me to a subscription? Is there any warning?

As I understand it, if you have a classic license you retain it and can use that version for as long as it works on your system.

If you take out a subscription to a newer version it has no affect on your classic license.

If you cancel a subscription you won’t be able to use the version that you were subscribing to but can still use your classic licensed version.

That’s the basis on which I subscribed.

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The reason I ask is when I open SketchUp, it has an update available message. I’m just wondering if this is a way for them to change my classic license to a subscription without me realizing what is going on. I’m afraid to update until I know. I do NOT want to subscribe as I am now retired, but I would like to get all I can out of my classic license while I can still draw homes.

Which version of SketchUp 2020 are you using? Maybe there’s a later maintenance release that you never installed. You could download the last 2020 release from sketchup.com/download/all That won’t cost you anything or change your license from the Classic to Subscription.

If the messageyou are getting is related to SketchUp 2021, then to upgrade to it, you would have to switch to the subscription license to upgrade.

As long as you are satisfied with what SketchUp and LayOut 2020 have to offer with your Classic license, there’s no reason you have to switch. As far as them changing your license to a subscription without you realizing it, that won’t happen unless you are just blindly agreeing to things without paying attention.

Your profile says 2020, but I know you activated 2021 nearly 13 months ago. If you are still using 2021, and see a message about an update, you can do the update and it won’t force you to take a subscription.

If at some point you want to update to the next major version of SketchUp, then yes, that would involve switching to a subscription.