Sketchup 2019 Classic upgrade Query


Hopefully a simple question relating to the new Sketchup Pro 2019 Classic license versus the subscription one.

I currently have Sketchup Pro 2018, and as I have been paying the yearly Maintenance fee, I received an e-mail from my distributor with the new license for 2019.

I’m holding off upgrading for the moment, but just want to clarify that if I upgrade with the Classic version and do NOT sign up for a subscription, will I still receive updates to Sketchup as and when they are released to fix problems etc? (Layout improvements please, nudge nudge).

I’m hoping that Bugs and Issues will be fixed quicker now that the subscription option is out, rather than having to wait until the next major release, and if this is true, would I also receive those ‘fixes’ while on a Classic licence?

One final question; when and how do I chose a Classic perpetual licence and not a subscription licence?


I can answer some of this as I have recently upgraded myself.

You say you have received an email notification telling you that SU 2019 is available to download. If it’s like the one I got, it gives a link and you can download the new version as before. The subscription option is more likely to be of interest to those new to SU Pro.

I can’t answer the question about faster bug fixing but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

As a ‘classic license’ holder, you cannot choose for subscription, your choise would be adding the license in the classic tab.
As of now, there has not been a promo to convert your classic license to a subscrition. (You can however, buy a subscription, currently at a price of 299 dollars)

Your current maintenance plan gives you acces to all the (minor) maintenance releases of version 2019.
Mind you, there were none last year, but who knows :smiley:

Till your trial period ends, you will have acces to the products of the Studio bundle, which , besides the desktop apps, includes Sefaira, the web based Shop and some XR and VR apps for different kind of glasses.

After this trial period of 30 days, those with a classic license will only have access to the desktop apps, and the only difference between the Pro subscription and the Studio subscription is the energy/daylight analyser Sefaira.

Mind you, though, if you have a classic license, you would still have access to the desktop apps, even if you don’t pay your maintenance, anymore.(Perpetual License)

Which is totally different with the new subscription model, were your access to the desktop apps will stop if you don’t pay, the next year. (You will be left with the Free, web based version…)
Still want to exchange your maintenance for a subscription?

You can not choose, unless you buy a subscription ‘on top of’ your perpetual
If you want acces to version 2019 you would have to add your received codes in the classic license tab, at least, after the trial period.
Remember, upon activating, you cannot activate the earlier version on a new machine, anymore, so use the trial period.

Thank you @simoncbevans and @MikeWayzovski

Much appreciated.

@MikeWayzovski while I won’t be able to activate a new copy of Pro 2018 on my MacBook Pro and iMac once I activate Pro 2019, I assume I can still use the already activated copies of Pro 2018 I already have on those two machines?


That is correct

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What happend when I renew my OS system, in my case my macos system software? Can I still instal my SU2018 on the clean and then lean machine?
Lets say, I want to start with a clean machine. I do also developing in XCode and other packages and once or twice a year I clean everything.

Have you activated the new version, allready? If not, then you’re 2018 license would be active and you can install on nee machines. In case of a new system update, I would recommend that you actively remove the license in the welcome screen (a de-install does not remove license)
To check if it is removed, quit and start SketchUp again. If it says ‘Expired trial ‘ you have succesfully removed the license from that machine!

Just thought of another question relating to 2018 vs 2019.

In 2018 Layout, there was a well known problem of Layout doing something funky but wrong with the annotation text when exporting to DWG. It made it massive.

Has this been fixed with 2019?


From the SketchUp/LayOut 2019 release notes

LayOut DWG Export
  • Fixed an issue where text fill was not being exported on Text, Labels and Dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue where text was being exported too large.
  • We had a bug where text size was lost on user modified dimensions.
  • Fixed an issue where the text style and height within a Table would lost on export.
  • We had an issue where exported arcs could be drawn inside out.
  • (Mac) Fixed a crash when exporting with an attached .PDF.

I hope one of these fixes pertains to the “funky” issue you were seeing in the past. :slight_smile:


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I too had the same problems with 2018 Layout. I played with the 2019 trial and quickly checked the export to DWG function. 2019 appears to be a great improvement in DWG export, with multi-line text now appearing the way it should in Autocad. For me, this is alone justifies the version upgrade.

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Continuing the discussion from Sketchup 2019 Classic upgrade Query:

Any news on the upgrade from “Classic” Pro to subscription Pro front?

Any “deals” or incentives?

I really think they should offer the full Pro version under classic pricing. Or do as Agenda has done; be brave, and offer a perpetual license for a more modest fee, and let people pay for upgrades (at the same modest fee) when it seems worthwhile.

I don’t think anyone begrudges the modest fees, just the fact that you have to rent if you want all the features. Software is a tricky nut. Once written, you can sell it a few thousand times, of a few hundred thousand times. and the cost of creating and maintaining doesn’t change much based on the numbers sold. I think we are all fine supporting a modest sustainable living, but sucking as much as possible out of users because you can, just feels wrong.