Upgrading Licenses

Time is now here to decide which license to get. What I would like to know from users in the construction field if its worthwhile going with a classic license or a subscription license.

I have used every version of Sketchup and layout up to 2018. I find that has all I need for my needs but I am also finding that I am stuck in the past and have trouble with extensions not working and other issues related to performance etc.

Is anyone else in the same boat; and have any insights into where they will put their next subscription?

Curious what others are might be doing come November 4th.

As it is still under three years since your support ran you could reinstate your support, and be covered for the next 12 months, for $240.

There are promotions for changing to subscription going on, and you would qualify for those. You could sign up for a subscription at a discount, without having to reinstate your Classic license support, or you could reinstate for the $240 (before November 4th), get all permanent license upgrades for the next 12 months, and then take advantage of the subscription offer just before your 12 months are up.

To take advantage of the promotions; how is that done. Just go to the upgrade from SU interface?

Are you stating that the offer of a discount on two years of subscriptions that some of us have received recently will be still available about a year from now? The email says “limited time offer” without specifying the limit.

I was going off the help article.

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Thanks for the link! Here is an extract of the page, for reference of others:

How long can I take advantage of the promotion for?
The promotion is valid through December 4, 2021 with sliding rates. For active customers, a 60% discount is available through December 4, 2021. For customers with an expired M&S plan, a 60% discount is available until April 3, 2021; after this date, a 40% discount is available. If you have an active Maintenance and Support plan, you must convert within 30 days of your Maintenance and Support contract end-date in order to receive the maximum discount.

There is one part of that which may be unclear, I’ll try to find out what the intended meaning is. As written it sounds like you would convert during the 30 days before your M&S expires, but I hope that it means up to 30 days after the end date.

Thanks for the link Colin, appreciate the help